Combining different materials creates a striking and practical collar. Strong dark leather and brass hardware is completed with delicate filigree for a stylish contrast. A wider collar suitable for most breeds and sight hounds in particular. 



The beautiful tweed we use is sourced directly from weavers on the Outer Hebrides. We are very lucky to have a vintage Crombie tweed supply from the Old Aberdeen Mill that no longer exists (extremely limited supply). Due to the thickness of the tweed our Tweed Martingales have a 1" velvet lined reducing loop for maximum effectiveness. 



With a passion for this style the Limited Slip Martingale is our specialty.  Completed with foundry sourced hardware and lined with Swizz velvet for the ultimate luxury. Commonly used with sight hounds but increasingly popular with all breeds.





Our side release collars are reassuringly padded with a soft velvet lining and completed with strong hardware. These collars are approximately 1" wide and are nicely adjustable.  This type of collar is suitable for most breeds. 


Most of the collars on our website have the option of a matching 3t leash or 1ft short traffic leash. These have Swiss velvet lined handles and strong trigger hooks. Our tweed leads are a combination of tweed and leather - the different materials compliment each other so nicely!