How our Skyefrog house collars are made.

The Handcrafting Process

Today I received a delivery of antique brass style buckles which I think really complement the tweeds and I cannot wait to use them. This is a short blog on how I make your Skyefrog House collar in order to give more detailed information about the processes involved and how the materials are prepared. New additions have been added to the collection this week too so feel free to take a look in the shop.

The materials used include a length of quality core webbing, hardware (lovely antique brass style slider, loop and D ring in this example) and beautiful tweed or fully interfaced designer fabric (and of course, a big mug of tea).

Then my little sewing machine and I get to work.  I heat seal the webbing to prevent fraying and treat the fabric with a light misting of fabric protector in order to protect and prolong the life of the collar. The material is cut to size and carefully wrapped against the webbing core before being sewn for a smart finish. While fitting and securing the hardware, all stress points are triple stitched as standard.

Skyefrog collars are gift wrapped with tissue paper and sent first class on day of completion.

What is a House collar and how does it differ from others?

A house collar is for general wear without a lead and can be used to attach ID tags. It does not have the additional martingale loop but is still fully adjustable to expand over the head and then re-adjusted to the correct fit using a slider buckle. It does not have a side release buckle and is also therefore a lighter collar. It is important to ensure a house collar is large enough to fit over your dog's head. See our sizing guide here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it has been useful for you. Any queries or comments please contact me here.