New designs added and a thank you!

We've recently had a delivery of new designs which look great! We're heading into the autumn months so there is some autumnal/winter inspiration showing but also a bit of fun with the Harlequin design. I am also a sucker for batik and think batik orange splashes would really pop on a black hound. 

Also, there has been a lot of contact from customers who have gone out of their way to send photos and express their happiness with their new collars so thank you all so much for the very kind words and enthusiasm - it's really appreciated! 

Finally, we had our first Facebook giveaway last week so thank you to all who entered (a fair few of you!) and congrats to our winner who has chosen our Signature Skyefrog Martingale as their prize!

Dogless Adventure

I was visiting the Isle of Skye last month. It's not always possible to take the dogs with me and this was one of these times.  I  originally grew up on Skye so I was naturally drawn to old haunts but also visited places I've never been before and really should have by now. Not having a dog when I go out on walks feels very different and I practically stole a gorgeous red setter that padded up to me on a beach walk a few evenings ago. I was spotted making a fuss by the owners who promptly released the rest of their dogs. That was nice.  

I've been thinking about other style and designs I could do. My friends sent me a beautiful book about Leeds Castle and the collar museum. Some of the collars look absolutely brutal and primarily used to protect the dog during hunts with boar and bear, but some are works of art which has given me some ideas for my own. I was very happy to receive lots of volunteers to try them out so after further improvement and testing, I'll be posting a few out. Thank you again to the volunteers!