So, I'd like to know where the last year went?

Is 2018 really over already?….it’s been much much longer than I realise since my last blog post - approximately a year ;) It was a great year for Skyefrog and I continue to add new designs and potter about in my little workshop. Thank you to all my wonderful customers who send me photos of their dogs wearing their new collars - I love them. I even received the most fantastic video which makes me laugh every time I see it (posted to the Skyefrog facebook page).

The year has gone by so quickly and I have no doubt this year will be the same. I always welcome custom orders if you’re looking for something a little bit different.

Wishing everyone the very best in 2019!

fuzed twist.jpg

New designs added and a thank you!

We've recently had a delivery of new designs which look great! We're heading into the autumn months so there is some autumnal/winter inspiration showing but also a bit of fun with the Harlequin design. I am also a sucker for batik and think batik orange splashes would really pop on a black hound. 

Also, there has been a lot of contact from customers who have gone out of their way to send photos and express their happiness with their new collars so thank you all so much for the very kind words and enthusiasm - it's really appreciated! 

Finally, we had our first Facebook giveaway last week so thank you to all who entered (a fair few of you!) and congrats to our winner who has chosen our Signature Skyefrog Martingale as their prize!

The making process

The new collars are coming on (although I'm not sure my little sewing machine can handle one aspect but I'll figure it out!). The first challenge is securely fixing the decorative metal to the leather, which has turned out better than expected but currently investigating ways to improve this. On earlier attempts, I wasn't keen on how flappy the leather was so these have been moved in which has worked nicely.  As is standard with my collars, I sew in a strong internal webbing core as it makes for a more durable collar with the brass hardware being sourced from a UK foundry (nice and strong). The collar shown is 2" wide however I will do a narrow adaptation for non sighthound breeds too.  As I've done for all my collars, I am posting the making process for your information. Comments are welcomed! Thank you. 

Skyefrog additions

The navy Radiant Circles collar has been really popular so we have decided to introduce the turquoise version and have added it to the shop today. It's a really lovely colour and though it's from the same collection, it's really quite different. 3ft leashes are also available for this design. 

We have also just received a delivery of little black boxes that fit our 1" side release buckle and 1.5" martingale and house collars beautifully. They look so smart and I had great fun stamping our logo onto them. Our logo stamp was made by Christine on Etsy ( and we think she did a great job! 

Please feel free to contact us for custom designs. Our standard sizes range from 9" - 21" but we can adapt to larger or smaller sizes. 


New Martingale Limited Slip Design

We have recently completely redesigned our Martingales to limited slip style. We will phase out the older model and gradually replace them with this design, with the exception of tweed collars which will be finished with a 25mm velvet lined reducing loop. Please note, our standard width for Martingales is 1.5".

The Martingale will reduce down to the size you set and will not reduce further. Owners are advised to reduce the collar to the smallest part of the neck then release the limited slip. When the limited slip is released the collar relaxes and sits much like a house collar giving a smart look. The final photo is slightly exaggerated for clarity.