So, I'd like to know where the last year went?

Is 2018 really over already?….it’s been much much longer than I realise since my last blog post - approximately a year ;) It was a great year for Skyefrog and I continue to add new designs and potter about in my little workshop. Thank you to all my wonderful customers who send me photos of their dogs wearing their new collars - I love them. I even received the most fantastic video which makes me laugh every time I see it (posted to the Skyefrog facebook page).

The year has gone by so quickly and I have no doubt this year will be the same. I always welcome custom orders if you’re looking for something a little bit different.

Wishing everyone the very best in 2019!

fuzed twist.jpg

Here's to 2018!

Is 2017 really nearly over already? It's been a fantastic year for Skyefrog and I've introduced new designs and styles. I've received lots of lovely photos from customers which are really appreciated and can be checked out in the gallery. There has been a big increase in people requesting custom designs which I absolutely love and totally encourage! For 2018 I would really like to lean towards more leather-based products and have a few design ideas in mind which I am currently working on so look out for those in the new year. 

You can find a selection of Skyefrog collars and leads on the shelves at Bazil & Ruby Pet Boutique in London and now on Amazon too!  

I'd like to wish all my customers an absolutely wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2018. 

Skyefrog additions

The navy Radiant Circles collar has been really popular so we have decided to introduce the turquoise version and have added it to the shop today. It's a really lovely colour and though it's from the same collection, it's really quite different. 3ft leashes are also available for this design. 

We have also just received a delivery of little black boxes that fit our 1" side release buckle and 1.5" martingale and house collars beautifully. They look so smart and I had great fun stamping our logo onto them. Our logo stamp was made by Christine on Etsy ( and we think she did a great job! 

Please feel free to contact us for custom designs. Our standard sizes range from 9" - 21" but we can adapt to larger or smaller sizes. 


Getting Old and Exercise

rosa snoozing.jpg

Our two have always been pretty active seeing as we take them with us on our hiking and running trips. As we got fitter, so did the dogs and it took more and more to tire them out which was, on some of my lazier days, exhausting for me. Lately as they approach their 10th birthdays, it's been hard to ignore the fact the dogs are slowing down and the need to adapt. Rosa is always the last to get out of bed. We have to sometimes forcibly remove her from under the duvet and even then she gently trots from the bedroom to the sofa where she wraps herself up in a slightly smaller duvet for much of the day. Bob still has energy, but it doesn't seem like the frantic excessive energy he is known for anymore and after a walk he actually rests! So, we have to take this into consideration these days. However, we still get out and about and Rosa and I headed to the mountain bike trails for a couple of miles over the weekend. I find mountain biking really hard so I was going nice and slowly and Rosa easily trotted by my side. She's really good off leash and always stays close (particularly if I have a pocket full of cheese!).

So, when we get home it's a big mug of tea for me and her favourite blanket for her and everyone is happy. 

I'm on the hunt for new fabrics and designs this weekend too so all going well they'll be more choice arriving in the coming weeks. In the meantime, take a peek in our shop to see if anything takes your fancy!