Sizing Information

Please find below the information for our standard sizes. If you would prefer a more exact size (for example, if your dog is between two sizes) please order as usual and add your dogs measurements in the additional message box.

Small: 10" - 14" Medium 14" - 16" and Large 16" - 20"

Martingale Collars

This is the most popular design for sight-hounds. Martingale collars have an additional loop which tightens and loosens when you control the lead. This can help prevent your dog from slipping their collar which can be an issue with dogs with sleek shaped head and necks. 

Using a soft measuring tape, measure the widest point around your dogs head  to ensure the collar will slip over and another measurement where you'd like the collar to sit naturally. Choose a collar that includes both these measurements. If your dog is between sizes, choose the bigger size. 

House Collars and tag collars

The house collar and 1" tag collar do not have a side release buckle and therefore cannot be smaller than this size as it will not be able to slip over the head. Once over the top of the head it can then be adjusted back down to the perfect fit. 

Side release buckle. 

Simply measure around your dogs neck where you would like the collar to sit and refer to our sizing guide for the correct size.

Collar width

House and Martingales are 1.5" / 4 cm wide. If you require an extra wide 2" / 5cm collar simply add the 2" upgrade available. 

Tag collars : 1" / 2.5 cm

Buckle: 1" for medium and large and 3/4" for small

If you're unsure, send us a message and we'll happily advise on the correct size. 


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